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September 24, 2017

Nowadays, Real Estate Business is a growing business. A lot of sellers, buyers, agents, investors, property management organization is involved in this business. All the related parties are trying to gain profit from here. Now it is one of the most competitive business all over the world. There are a lot of tasks has done to make this business profitable. There are many types of tasks which can be done by a VA from the remote. In this article, I’ll describe how a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business can support this Business. In this content, you’ll find a clear guideline “How to find a VA for Real Estate Business”.

Lead Generation

The most important part of a Real Estate Business is Lead Generation. If the businessman gets a good lead, s/he can make a good deal. There are many sources to collect leads but all the sources data are not reliable. While the sources show you repeated data the person who collects the leads must be patient to do this kind of task. When you collect leads, you must have to be concern about false leads.

Moreover, it is better to collect the leads for direct seller or buyer who are interested in selling or buying their properties. To collect the real leads you have to research on it. Try to realize the language of the advertisement. Most of the ad posted by agent or other and you find most of this ad description is similar. So, before starting to collect the leads, you can train up the Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business for this part.

Seller Leads

Like other business, the life of a Real Estate Business is the seller. If you get the real information of a seller, it is easy to reach to him/her. As a merchant, you should try to find a motivated seller who is also searching a businessman who can close the deal within a short time.

Moreover, when you assign someone to collect leads s/he will collect it from the various classified site and most of the site provides you the same types of data. If the lead generator is clever s/he can find out the difference between two lead by reading the description of the post. There are also many types of property on the market. You also have to take the decision which types of properties are more profitable for your business.

On the other hand, Many Agents and Property Management organization are also active in this market and they have the information about more property. Most of the time they post their ad for that property which will be sold and they try to contact the buyer and gain the commission. So, try to realize the ad language and find the real seller. It is not only important for direct connection but also important for business profit. A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business can play a vital role to collect the seller leads and verify.

Property Type

There are many types of properties like Single Family Property, Multifamily House, Condo types house, Town House, Duplex etc. You can also sort it by Owner Occupied property, Absentee Owner Property, Rented Property etc. Different types of people like different types of property. It depends on their Financial capability, social status, and many other issues. Single Family and Duplex properties are most popular on the market. Property selection can contribute to increasing the profit whereas selection is to be perfect.

Moreover, that property where the owner is not living attracts the buyer or investors more. Sometimes the absentee owner property rented or vacant but the owner feel hassled by the renter and because of his/her bad experience, s/he want to sale it. It is better to select the Single Family & Duplex House Property where the owner is absent to close the deal quickly and make a big profit. Another crucial issue is that don’t select any property in the high-crime zone. A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business can do this task with care.

Find the Buyer

A merchant always tries to gain profit by trading. Though Real Estate business is a different type of trading there are some different types of activities, find the buyer is one kind of these. Most of the time buyer find a seller.

After all, to find a buyer you can depend on some classified site and collect the information about the buyer than verifying the data and contact with them. It’s the easiest way. If you want to spend time and money to get a buyer from one lead then you have to start researching the characteristics of a buyer.

Contact with Buyer & Seller

Contact with buyer & seller makes your business more fruitful. Try to contact not only the new clients but also the previous clients who already have taken the service from you. If the previous clients satisfy your services they will help you to get potential new clients. They will tell others about your business which will one kind of publicity for your business. Nowadays, communication is easier. There are many tools to communicate with someone. Text and Email are the major stuff which is widely used to serve the purpose.

Sending Text & Email

Sending text is the initial step to communicate with the clients. Your first text can be a greeting along with your identity then ask him/her about their property. You also can ask him/her, is s/he interested in selling the property. In real estate business, most of the parties use the Vumber or RingCentral virtual phone to communicate. You also can use the Google Voice for free but both Vumber & RingCentral are authentic than that of Google Voice.

Moreover, Email is another tool for communication. You can send the initial message to the clients like the text message which you send via virtual phone from email. There are many options for sending an email. You can take the service of an email campaign or send it individually. An email campaign is like an email marketing where you can set your template and give some basic information to the clients. Sending individual email can keep an efficient

Therefore, Individual email sending is more efficient than that of an email campaign. People don’t like to see an advertisement in but s/he feel comfortable to read an email. Most of the real estate investor trying to send the individual email because of its effectiveness. A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business can do this job on behalf of you.

Click2mail & Yellow letter

The physical presence of letter is more effective than email or text. Click2mail and the Yellow letter is providing the services of physical mail. If You are interested in sending a hard copy of the message to the clients, you can use both of these services. The System of sending this kind of messages, at first you have to sign in their online account and buy the credit. Then you have to select a postcard from their store and write down your message along with your address and upload a file where the details address of clients will be included. After completing all of these processes authority will proceed to print the postcard or yellow letter and send it the listed clients via USPS.

Finally, We can say that by sending an initial greeting to the clients start your step starts here. It is a continues process. Don’t stop the contacting with them either they or not. Don’t forget to ask them about the condition of the property when the reply. Also, ask them is their property needs any repair, specific address and why s/he is trying to sell the property? The whole process will not complete within one or two days, it may needs near about a month so the patient must help you to drive the deal to the final stage. A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business can perform this task from his/her computer.

Check Property Value & Send the Offer

To make a profit, find the actual value of the property is a big issue. There are many authorized site to collect the property value. At first check minimum four authorized sites for the specific value of your targeted property than calculating the average and deduct your expenses which you have to pay for this property. You also can use the NETROline, provide the details information about the property, for more information about the selected property. If you find the average value of the property and your estimated budget is close you can set this property as profitable one. ExpressRealQuest, TotaViewRealEstate,

ExpressRealQuest, TotaViewRealEstate, Eppraisal and iCompus is the site where you can easily check the property values. If you think all of the analysis is positive then you can send a formal offer letter to the seller. After sending the offer letter a new journey will start. A Virtual Assistant for Real State Business can be used to do these tasks with full accuracy.

Written Offer Letter & Negotiation

There are some issues which may cause a critical situation in negotiation. As a businessman, you have to keep in mind that if you can negotiate all the issues with care you’ll be the winner. Some stuff must be should be considered on the part of a negotiation.

Property Address

For which property you’re offering to the seller? You should specify the address. Specification of property address could solve the unexpected hassle in future. It also increases the value of offer letter.


As a business deal price is a crucial stuff in an offer letter. Without writing any price of a property the offer letter will lose its values. So don’t forget to recheck, is the price written or not?

Seller Name

According to the general law of deed, there must be two parties, proposer, and receiver. Before sending the offer letter you should check the offer letter and ensure that the seller name has been written.

Closing Cost

Who will pay the closing cost? Sometimes the seller pays the closing cost sometimes the buyer. Though it is not big issues, a written document will make the party liable to pay the amount. And will prevent to create an awkward situation at the closing time. So be sure of to write about the closing costs in the offer letter.

Back Taxes

Back Tax is the issues which have to pay to the County Tax collector when you’ll apply for registration of selected property. Some property has due back taxes, the property owner unable to pay the regular tax. The property which has due tax attract the investor because its value is less than others. When a property owner fails to pay the taxes for one more year it becomes a burden for him/her. So it should write in the offer letter that who will pay the back taxes? Most of the time the buyer bear the back taxes. You can hire A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business to collect the back taxes data of desirable properties.

Due Utilities & Other Expenses

Some property has due utilities & other bills. Generally, the property owner is liable for these types of bill. The buyer also can take the responsibility but it depends on negotiation. So it’ll not make any awkward situation if it mentions it the offer letter.

Signature & Date

Though a businessman is a concern about this issues you should recheck the date and signature before sending the final offer letter.

Therefore, Negotiation part is a crucial part of all business. If you can make this part clean and clear, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitor and will make a big profit. It will be a good sign for your business which will help to popularity. So be conscious to design a plan for good negotiation. Another issue you have to keep in mind that a lot of tasks have to complete in time whereas, A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business can make these types of tasks easy which will help you to make the deal success and support your business growth.

Using CRM

To make a deal final there are a lot of tasks have to complete within a short time. Most of the clients getting hurry to close the deal and doing all the job have become tough. In this busy and extreme environment, an automated system can make the business process smooth and simple. Nowadays, CRM is used widely in the business organization. To store all the data of the customer, appointment setup, notify the appointment date, get back the notification of new leads CRM is the effective and efficient solution.

Moreover, CRM is an Apps which easily customizable according to user requirements. In a real estate business, CRM can play a role like a person who is physically present in the office. Anyone can use the online based CRM from anywhere and all of the users can check the system from his/her computer. You can design a CRM what you like. All of the sellers leads, buyer leads, appointment, contracts, offer, goal, campaign, marketing expense etc apps you can add. It is not an easy task to do all of these tasks by point to point but if you have CRM system and also have a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business to operate the CRM, all of your tasks will be easy and smooth.

In conclusion, weighing up the pros and cons of above discussion we can say that A Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Business can play a vital role in your business. If s/he has training or experience of the tasks it will add extra value.

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